He once told me: “Some people are afraid in pro football to be independent in their thought process. I am not.”

That meant coaching the scout team, too. Denny, as head coach, did it. Taxing, grimy work. But not beneath him. He wanted his starters to have the best look each week. He wanted to intricately know the bottom end of his roster. What better way to take the high road?

When Denny’s son, Jeremy, was entangled in child pornography and drug charges in the summer of 2010, Denny and I talked about it. It was the Authentic Steven Hauschka Jersey softest I ever heard his voice. Some sentences began to trail off into whispers. But then he perked up.

That happened when he talked about the love he had for his son despite the troubles.

This man of towering pride felt the sting of his family name singed but dug into his reservoir of toughness. He talked about his wife, Marie, and how she Authentic Tani Tupou Jersey supported him and both each other.

He promised to take the high road, stay on it, knuckle his way through. He had spent a lifetime of practicing that art.

His reach back to all coaches and to assist African American coaches in their struggle for college and NFL opportunities is part of his legacy. So is his brilliant offensive mind. So is his leadership and his toughness.

The passionate way Denny coached and lived, though, a drummer at heart and a gritty football coach to the core, resonates. His love for music and his coaching with spice created a tapestry, an arc woven throughout football that endures. He told everyone that he took the high road.

I imagine we can still find him there.

Bell is subject to the same appeals process again in 2016. He later posted on his private Instagram account that he was confident he’d win his appeal.