“Matthew, Thank you for the opportunity to give, and get. I went to tweet this to you and discovered I’d been blocked. I couldn’t understand why. It bothered me a little, but overall, just made me wonder why. Maybe I said something a while back I don’t remember. … Your writing made me think. The only “mean” tweets I send have been political (not a fan of who won the election). Your line about putting negativity into the universe hit home. Despite my feelings about this, it does make me re-think the words I choose [to] tweet. Putting negativity in the universe …
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Kids Ronnie Lott Jersey “I am not blocked on twitter. In fact it was your tweet to pick up Tim Hightower (instead of CJ Spiller) when I lost Mark Ingram that [led] to me winning a fantasy championship last year by the score of 100.48-98.26. I am forever grateful to you. I just wanted to be the one (of many) to tell you that I fully support your blocking rules on social media. There is just no reason for people to go out of their way to send mean-spirited tweets.

“To take it one step further. If you could mention it to parents everywhere that when it comes to school and youth sports the same rules apply. There is no place for bullying. I do a lot of (volunteer) youth coaching. It is quickly turning into my most enjoyable hobby, but unfortunately it is alarming when you see kids getting bullied and when you address it to the parents they don’t seem to care or simply don’t get it. Then you quickly realize where the kids are learning it from. Thanks for your positive message and keep up the fantastic work. You are a company man after all. -Patrick”

A loss to the Broncos would open up things for the West — before accounting for any other games, it would drop the Patriots’ chances of claiming the No. 1 seed down to 35 percent. It also would give the Broncos an 85 percent chance of making the playoffs, while they’re only a 50-50 shot with a loss. Losing to their perennial rivals from the East also would essentially eliminate the Broncos from contending for the AFC West title; even if they qualified for the playoffs, it probably would be as the sixth seed, meaning their playoff path probably would travel through New England in January.