Well Im sure that would be easier to explain to Giselle if that were true Peter. King’s twitter feed is a must-follow in the same way that lemmings use the term but Ive created a new way to enjoy Peters musings. Im introducing @TheMMBM which is a cool new twitter account that will be funny for like a day. The purpose is just basicly to imagine Peter King dropping loads while hes sending these thoughts out to the masses.

Also in his MMQB column Peter gave his coveted prestigous “Tweet of the Week” award to some stupid account that stole my RG3-7 joke a hour and a halve after I made it so technicaly that award should be mine not that I care enough to write about it in my column or anything.

Im giving him the Newsboy Lunchpail Fella Award because when you have a talented backup QB and a struggling starting QB/Gadget Player your going to be selling alot a papers when the teams 3-7.
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The manager turned the video off. “I just don’t see it. He got the ball as clear as a whistle. This is a witch hunt, that’s what you media people do, you’re going to ruin this boy’s reputation because of an unfortunate situation.”
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A reporter then asked about a previous incident with the player, where he was booked for elbowing and subsequently breaking a defender’s nose. The manager responded that it was an accident, “these things happen all the time.”

Another reporter asked of the time that the same player was sent off for stamping on an opponent’s leg, and what the manager made of the time before that when he was carded for a bad tackle that forced a promising young player to miss an entire year of football, too. Or even the numerous times that he wasn’t booked but was involved in spats with other players after delivering a bad challenge.