Did you do well in fantasy baseball this past season? For 10 to 12 percent of you, that answer is yes, but for many others, you failed to finish first and may have even checked out early. Many players turned their fantasy attention to the NFL or simply forgot about baseball after the All-Star break passed.

Perhaps this doesn’t bother you. I’m in two leagues here at ESPN, and in both of them, much of the so-called pennant race drama was simply non-existent. It was tough for everyone to stay motivated until Game 162 finished for every team.

Limited Womens Doug Gilmour Jersey This is no way to live. Upper management is allowed to shield itself with randomness, while the expectation of the field manager has shifted to overcoming the painfully slim, faithfully unsentimental margins of October baseball. What information ownership seeks in a five-game series that it did not discover over the previous eight months is something of a mystery.
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This added, recent pressure on managers to win more as the playoffs expand is a bad trend, especially as the two greatest postseasons of the game’s most successful GM, Theo Epstein, were highlighted by an impossible comeback with the 2004 Red Sox, and living on the edge every day during last year’s playoffs, in which rallying from a 3-1 series deficit was required to finally deliver the Cubs a championship.

Baker is just the latest example of the front office crushing its own, for it should be remembered that had the Yankees finished off the Red Sox up three games to none in 2004, the same scenario that is surrounding Baker was expected to play itself out in Boston. Terry Francona, who in the years since has proved himself a Hall of Fame manager, was likely going to be fired in Boston. Imagine that.