Offensively, the nightly vagaries of the series make it hard to predict what will transpire in Game 5. Just when it appeared the Houston lineup was back in its comfort zone and ready to rock, the Astros went 2-for-28 against Alex Wood and the Los Angeles bullpen in Game 4. With the exception of solo homers by George Springer and Alex Bregman, the night was a washout offensively for A.J. Hinch’s team.

Conversely, the Dodgers have reason to feel more hitter-ish and upbeat about their prospects if they can get into Houston’s wobbly bullpen. Joc Pederson busted things open with a three-run homer off Joe Musgrove on Saturday, and Cody Bellinger rebounded from a four-strikeout game (and a 0-for-13 start to the Series) with a pair of doubles. The outside world might have wondered if Bellinger were tired, out of sync or pressing, but his fellow Dodgers claimed they never fretted about him in the slightest.

Nine wins might allow them to sneak in as the second wild card in a weak AFC, and at least four wins are certainly possible in the Buffalo’s final nine games. The problem is, the three teams battling for the top of the AFC South all have very easy schedules in relation, and the Bills still have little breathing room ahead of the 4-3 Dolphins.

The Bills, then, should know that things are about to get a lot more difficult from here. After being the major exception to NFL parity for a long time, they should know their current profile means nothing without better production in the future.

In my life, I have been through more than my fair share of racism both on and off the ice. There comes a time where you cannot remain silent, hoping and wishing for a chance. It takes much more.”