Valenti’s hire is another big step for women in the NFL. Sarah Thomas was hired as the first full-time referee in 2015. She told SB Nation in February that it doesn’t get exhausting discussing her hiring:

Because you sit back, and you think, it was 2015 and there was still a gender barrier that needed to be broken in a major organization.

Authentic Womens Robert Alford Jersey For anybody that might think Thomas, or any other referee, struggles with certain calls in tough situations, she shot down that idea.

We don’t consider them tough calls or easy calls; there’s just the rules, she said. We’re trained, and we see what we see and we call what we call.

Authentic Womens Prince Amukamara Jersey Roger Goodell said at the end of the 2010 season that the NFL was looking to add female officials and had two in mind. One of those was Valenti. We actually have two officials that are females that are I think right on the edge of becoming NFL officials, he said, via Stanford Alumni.

I think that it could happen very soon, he added. And I think it’s a good thing for our sport.

Sure enough, it finally happened with Thomas two seasons ago. With Valenti’s role expanding the representation of women in the NFL, hopefully it will continue to open doors.

Anthony has the potential to thrive in that sort of complementary role as well. He isn’t capable of carrying an offense all by himself anymore — not one that can compete with the Warriors and Cavaliers, at least — but he’s elite at two incredibly important things in today’s NBA, the first being the ability to space the floor. Anthony scored 4.3 points per game from spot-ups last season and ranked in the 93.8 percentile with 1.23 points per possession. His volume and efficiency in those situations was comparable to some of the best shooters in the league such as Ryan Anderson (1.16 PPP), Klay Thompson (1.17 PPP), Khris Middleton (1.18 PPP) and Isaiah Thomas (1.22 PPP).