The NBA is a good point of comparison. Since Christmas Day basketball became a national-TV fixture in 1983, the typical NBA game on the holiday has featured an average Elo of 1569, about 50 Elo points higher than the NFL’s standard Thanksgiving fare.3 Some of that owes to basketball’s built-in advantage as a sport of superstars and more dominant great teams than can be built in the NFL. (The best teams are more Dante Fowler Jr Authentic Jersey reliably great in the NBA than in the NFL.) But even if we account for this by normalizing each sport’s Elo ratings to a common scale, the NBA’s average Christmas-game participants are still about a half-standard deviation better than their Thanksgiving NFL counterparts.

It sold out in 15 minutes.

“México is very divided,” Nahima Choura, a well-known Mexican sports broadcaster for Televisa Deportes, said in Spanish. “You have half the country that loves and adores soccer, and half the country that loves and adores American football. We’ve had very important events, like the World Baseball Classic, Formula One. But the one that has stirred the most emotion, the most curiosity, is this one, from the NFL.”

“People think we’re all just soccer fans,” Eduardo Corrales, a 21-year-old Patriots fan, said in Spanish. “I think this is an opportunity for people in North America to realize that here there are a lot of fans, a lot of people, that would like to see more regular-season Davon House Authentic Jersey NFL games. This is a good opportunity for American football to keep coming, to keep growing. The Mexicans are welcoming them with great pleasure.”

One need not look any further than the jerseys on their backs.

“Doing this show, it’s helped me,” Johnson said in a pretaped interview before the freestyle dance. “I’m actually looking forward to finding that next challenge, finding the next thing that I’m uncomfortable with.”

This was really the first part of Johnson’s second act, a post-football life where he could theoretically do anything. He could go back and finish his education at Georgia Tech. He could go into business. He could work on building his foundation. Or he could find something, as he said, that makes him uncomfortable and go for it.

However, both Mexican fans and journalists watching the contest expressed their concern with how the laser could affect the NFL and other leagues from coming back to the country. Prior to the game, NFL Mexico director Arturo Olivé was clear about things needing to happen flawlessly in order to maintain the attraction. “Everything needs to go off perfectly. The teams need to leave here being very happy about what happened in Mexico,” he said, according to El País.

This was the first NFL regular-season game played in Mexico since the Arizona Cardinals faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in 2005.