Elite Ian Kinsler Jersey The Browns’ jaw-dropping maneuver to take Brock Osweiler and his anchor of a contract off the Texans’ hands Thursday might have been a classic Moneyball move.

They’d better hope it was Moneyball, because even beyond the first glance, it smells more like Sam Hinkie than Billy Beane. The cost of blowing this deal — wherever it takes the Browns — is so high it could actually take them back not only to where they started, but behind that.

What’s crazy about the DH in the National League is that it would be considered a drastic change, a sport-altering change. While true in one sense, it would actually be less of a change than eliminating the four-pitch intentional walk, which has lots of support, and definitely less than putting a runner at second base at the start of every extra inning, an experiment set to begin in the low minors this season. Neither of those proposals makes sense from a make-the-game-better standpoint.

Elite Nickell Robey-Coleman Jersey But the DH to the National League is just the kind of change for the better MLB should want.

It will legitimize the position: Even though the DH has been in place for 44 years, many still view it as an illegitimate position. He’s just a DH or It’s not real baseball are popular cries from critics. Bringing the DH to the National League would certainly help lessen this argument, and perhaps eliminate it. If every team has a DH, it’s really hard to claim it’s not legitimate baseball.

At the same time, elite closer Trevor Hoffman will be inducted before long, as will all-time-best Mariano Rivera. If we reward pitchers who excel in such a specialized role with Hall of Fame induction, the same should apply to hitters who excel in their specialized role. In other words, if the DH is an official position — and it already is — we should embrace it and celebrate it accordingly.