Elite Timofey Mozgov Jersey The 2017 NHL All-Star Game has come and gone, but the NHL has released some videos that will surely keep the festivities going throughout the Monday off-day.

Limited Cody Wallace Jersey Most notably, the NHL mic¡¯d up a whole bunch of the All-Stars throughout the Skills Competition and the All-Star Game. One of them was P.K. Subban, obviously. And, as you might expect, he got up to a bunch of antics. Including:

He hasn¡¯t quite progressed in terms of putting up numbers, but it¡¯s impressive that he¡¯s elevated through the Russian system at such a young age. Kayumov doesn¡¯t turn 19 until Feb. 14, and he¡¯s played better in the VHL, so he should get another KHL crack relatively soon. The Blackhawks have some upside here.

Our list is admittedly geared more towards high-upside prospects than guys with a higher probability of being middling players, and that¡¯s what Kayumov is. At this point, he¡¯s a fantastic skater who still needs to show he can put together the rest of his game. That speed is tantalizing, though, and makes him a good project.

Kayumov has split the 2016-17 season between three leagues in Russia. He started in the MHL, the country¡¯s top junior league, before getting a call straight up to the KHL, arguably the second-best league in the world. He briefly struggled there before he got bumped down a level to the VHL, the second division of senior Russian hockey.

The results across all three levels have been mixed, as Kayumov has only 23 points in a combined 42 games this season. As an offensive-first prospect, you¡¯d prefer to see more production, especially at the junior level. Kayumov also spent 2015-16 in the MHL and put up a higher points per game rate (31 points in 39 games).