“He’s been in the system for a while,” Gruden said, via ESPN.com. “You can see him do some things. We’re not appointing anybody a starting quarterback now. I’m not saying Colt is the heir apparent and he’ll start tomorrow. I just know Colt has been in the building, and I have total faith that if he was given an opportunity, he’d be ready to produce. That’s how I feel about Colt. We’re not going to give him the keys right now. We’re still trying to work things out with the other quarterback, and hopefully things will work out. But I know Colt is ready to play.”

Asked how many NFL players currently smoke pot, Britton estimates “it’s over 50 percent and it could be as high as 75 percent.” A sports agent who asked to remain anonymous says, “The number is rumored to be as high as 80 percent.”

There’s a growing movement among former and current NFL players calling for the league to lift its ban on marijuana. As the pro-football season wraps up Week 2, 18 athletes are sidelined for unspecified substance-abuse violations, which, says sports agent Brian Fettner, who represents a roster of NFL players, “is almost always marijuana.”

Dr. Sue Sisley, M.D., the lead investigator on an FDA-approved cannabis trial study, recounts a recent example of an NFL patient suffering from a rotator-cuff tear that she wound up treating. “Nothing gave him relief — including opioids,” she says. “He was on the bench because he was nonfunctional on the field. Side effects from the medicine had him so sedated that it was literally dangerous for him to play. He was frustrated and lost his position and lost credibility. He tried cannabis and actually got back in the game. He is currently playing now. That is a common scenario.”

He was re-signed just before the season after 2016 first-round pick Paxton Lynch injured his right shoulder in preseason.

Osweiler started seven games for an injured Peyton Manning in 2015, performed well and then left via free agency for Houston, but he’s become damaged goods and hasn’t been the same since.

After he threw 15 TDs and 16 INTs as the Texans’ starter in 2016, he was traded to the Browns, who released him during the preseason.

Many focus on Lewis’ disappointing playoff record, but the fact is, he’s made a moribund franchise competitive. The Bengals have won four division titles during his tenure and are only two seasons removed from making five straight playoff appearances (from 2011 to 2015) while playing in the rough-and-tumble AFC North. Sure, they’ve been one-and-done in those appearances, but you have to be in the tournament to win the ‘ship. That’s why Lewis’ ability to make postseason tournaments shouldn’t be taken lightly, particularly at a time when eight new teams made the playoffs after missing out last season.nike-youth-cardinals-043