Month: April 2017

Rams make small-school TE Gerald Everett their first pick of 2017 NFL Draft

Gerald Everetts path to the NFL took detours through one shuttered FBS program and another that didnt exist before 2008. This weekend, he became South Alabamas first-ever draft pick.

The show he put on at the Combine solidified his status as one of the drafts premier blockers, but questions remain about his ability to consistently take on NFL linemen. The major concern is whether his relatively short arms will prevent him from ever moving to the exterior of the line, where hed carry the most value as a pro. Lamp is sound in almost every other aspect — good fundamentals, great workout numbers, and tremendous college production.
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Authentic Youth Johan Franzen Jersey Hell likely move to the interior of the line with the Chargers, which hampers his value. Early-round picks are traditionally saved for blind-side saving tackles, rather than path-clearers like Lamp. Hell have high expectations to live up to at offensive guard.

Theres a chance he pans out on the edge in the NFL as well. Former NFL defensive end Stephen White was quick to praise his dominance against Conference USA opponents — and Alabama — last fall.

Lamps success at left tackle boiled down to his lateral movement. The Hilltoppers kept edge rushers at bay thanks to the kind of strength that negated swats and spin moves and the quickness to shut down speed rushes intended to collapse the pocket from the corner. Here he is showing off the ability to shadow his man in a 2015 game against Indiana.

NFL Referees Association: Dean Blandino replacement should have on-field experience

Blandino, whose NFL departure was announced Friday, is expected to segue into broadcasting. Green believes the vacancy will be filled fairly quickly.

Greg Bird Mens Jersey Green also knows what type of replacement he hopes gets a job that carries the responsibility of grading officials: Someone who has the on-field background that Blandino didnt.

Josh Norman Mens Jersey This one’s tricky. North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson are good bets. Texas Tech’s Pat Mahomes is getting to that point. That leaves Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer and California’s Davis Webb to crash the party. There are too many questions about the quality of this class to trust the quantity.

This one’s easy. Three backs taken in Round 1 would mean Florida State’s Dalvin Cook joining Fournette and McCaffrey. Any more than three backs being selected in Round 1 would be shocking, but three is all you need, and three is what you’ll get.

Lookout Landing wants its fans to stay fit, so it’s developed a workout routine to help everyone stay in shape while they’re watching the Mariners. Or to stave off misery. Whichever.

There was a scary moment for umpire Dale Scott last night, who took a foul tip off his mask and left the field on a stretcher. His injuries were limited to a concussion, which seems like a small miracle, all things considered.

When anonymous sources question Leonard Fournette’s passion, show them this hit

From Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer: This season, Terrance Ferguson signed a shoe deal with Under Armour and played in the Australian National Basketball League instead of college. Jennings, Mudiay, and Maker were all lottery selections, and Ferguson is currently projected to go in the middle of the first round this year.

One question that’s faced LSU RB Leonard Fournette concerns his passion for football. And there’s a widespread feeling he’s driven by stardom. My guess is Jacksonville’s Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone would address that quickly.

Fournette skipped LSU’s bowl win over Louisville after an injury-hampered junior season, claiming head coach Ed Orgeron insisted he sit out.

Holding leads at all is a rough lesson to learn for most young teams. Learning how to do it in the playoffs is another lesson entirely. Edmonton got a crash course.

Joe Thornton. The veteran and future Hall of Famer missed Game 1 with a nagging injury. But he skated in practice on Thursday and could join the lineup for Game 2 on Friday. Just another weapon with tons of playoff experience for the Sharks.

Penalties. Edmonton shot out like a cannon, but that reckless energy came with a cost. San Jose had six power plays and 11:58 in power play minutes, draining the Oilers’ momentum out of the building as the game dragged on. Not to mention that the Sharks own the best power play in the business. Edmonton can’t afford to keep doing that.

But when the game’s on the line, the buck stops with one Pacers player. The Raptors’ All-Star guard is averaging just 13.3 points in the first round of the playoffs in the past two seasons. Lowry averaged 13.9 points on 17 percent three-point shooting in Toronto’s first-round series against Indiana last season.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was called for a dumb technical after celebrating his huge block

Kelvin Benjamin Mens Jersey The Milwaukee Bucks demolished the Toronto Raptors in a 97-83 Game 1 victory on Saturday, and Giannis Antetokoumpo capped off the win with a demoralizing swat on DeMar DeRozan.

He celebrated the play with an emphatic fist pump and stared DeRozan down — which was somehow enough to warrant a technical foul: All-conference center Jake Bennett returns, but all-conference guard Fred Zerblis does not, nor do honorable mention all-MWC guys Nick Callender or Paul Thurston. CSU returns two starters and two others with starting experience, but the Rams combined a No. 9 ranking in power success rate with a No. 11 ranking in stuff rate (run stops at or behind the line). Thats a nice combination, and it might be hard to replicate.

Meanwhile, injuries could create issues in the receiving corps. That Gallup and Johnson are back is great, but the No. 3 and 4 wideouts are gone, as are the top two tight ends. Dawkins is the only other returnee who caught more than seven passes last year. Bobo has recruited well, and leaning on three-star youngsters like sophomore Anthony Hawkins, freshmen Warren Jackson or E.J. Scott, or redshirt freshman tight end Isiah Pannunzio might pay off. But you never want to have to rely on young guys.

Seriously, how is this a tech? Giannis had a dominant night (28 points, eight rebounds and three assists), and damnit, Id pump my fist too after pulling off a block like that.
This is playoff basketball — its expected players are going to show a little more emotion than normal. He may have said something after the block, but we cant know for sure. Either way, this looks like a pretty tame celebration on the surface.

Limited Chris Watt Jersey The Greek Freak chatted with the refs after the call, which he claims was to tell them they did a great job.

James Harden was unanimous MVP in Game 1 vs. Thunder

Butler makes the game look easy. He isn’t a flashy dribbler or a deadeye shooter, but he’s calculated with every move. Give him enough space, he’ll blow by you. If there’s a visible mismatch, he’ll exploit it. Not careful enough with the ball? He’s going to swipe it.
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For all these reasons and more, Butler’s an All-Star starter.
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Just as Thomas was headed to the rack for a momentum-shifting layup, Butler rode him and swatted it off of IT4’s face, stealing possession and Boston’s hopes at a comeback.

With spring games comes the latent competition we’re all thrilled to follow: Whose reported attendance figure is the highest? The Buckeyes currently hold the top three all-time figures, cracking 100,000 in 2016, but who’s leading 2017?

So far, the Ohio State Buckeyes have the highest figure, with 80,134 fans packing into The Shoe, which had its upper deck closed off. OSU fans were even seen scalping tickets before the game.

Clemson saw 60,000 at Memorial Stadium (according to the school) on an absolutely gorgeous April Saturday. The day had already started pretty well for the Clemson Tigers, with the commitment of the No. 2 player in the country, DE Xavier Thomas.

Have you always been a big basketball fan?

I have, yes. But, I also know that hockey is primarily played indoors. The ice may not be the best during the summer months, however it is doable. The NHL played the World Cup of Hockey in September, so why not the Olympics in August?
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There are little details to be nailed down, of course. Many NHL teams play in multipurpose arenas, so fitting the proper pipes and ice into the arenas built for basketball doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. Scheduling would need to be worked out too to accommodate the best solution for everyone.
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And that’s great to see, and great to be a part of. I hope they’re right. Let’s go win it. Right now, we’re the best basketball school in the country. Our men in the Final Four and our women are in the Final Four. I’d love to find out what it feels like for both of them to win, that’d be pretty awesome.

Have you always been a big basketball fan? Or are you more about supporting the school in everything?

DR: Everything. I do love Gamecock basketball. But I love Gamecock football, Gamebock baseball, Gamecock volleyball. It’s more about supporting the school, but I’m a big basketball fan. Coach Martin and I have been friends ever since he came to the school, and this whole thing has been amazing to be a part of and watch.

I loved the video that hit social media after they won and moved on to the Final Four, where you’re with your son and you’re tearing up. It was very moving.

Fans of the Redskins will find what they’re looking for

The RGIII windmill of controversy is eerily similar to the political side of D.C., Every time a Republican or Democrat opens their mouth about anything, the public reads into it in a way that only strengthens their previously held beliefs of right and wrong. Voters have become less like decision-makers and more like fans.

That’s what has happened to the Redskins and Robert Griffin III in a span of only twelve months.

The Redskins finally have a transcendent player that matters enough to serve as a litmus test/bug zapper for half-baked, strongly-held opinions about what should or should not be said in an interview with a reporter whose job it is to make the reader react to what was said.

Fans of the Redskins will find what they’re looking for, everyone else outside their little bubble will too. People will pretend to know why Griffin is either great or terrible, and they’ll do it based on a handful of media interactions with a 23-year-old who has just one and a half years of experience and one and a half legs to stand on.

SmackDown, however, feels a bit more … well, raw. They go a long ways towards letting the action in the ring tell the majority of the stories, and when the microphones do come out, there’s a lot less pomp and circumstance involved in it most of the time. The words being exchanged between wrestlers and the occasional authority figure often feel as though they come more from the hip rather than memorized from a script, and they tend to feel much more purposeful than over-forced encounters and confrontations often found on RAW. It’s a cohesive, logical universe that comes off feeling like a wrestling show rather than RAW’s variety show approach.

the majority of Orlando’s apparent targets are hybrid player who can run at more than one position

Tom Brady’s backup saw his value skyrocket once news came out about Romo’s retirement. With Brady saying he’d like to play six or seven more years, the Patriots would probably be willing to trade Jimmy Garoppolo — but it could cost another team two first-round picks. Taking a risk and mortgaging their future on a quarterback who has only started two games may not be the most ideal move for any team, though.

A reporter asked Williams a few days before the Final Four if UNC would accept an invitation, and Williams demurred. The coach said he was “dadgum superstitious” and wouldn’t discuss such an opportunity with games still to play.

After actually winning the title, Williams was asked again for his “thoughts” on visiting President Trump in Washington. His response, in full:
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I haven’t had any. I probably screwed it up. I should have told you let me think about it afterwards, because I wasn’t going to jinx myself.

Magic GM Rob Henningan said the lists are “not indicative of plans” and were “simply listing options, including some of which other teams have inquired about,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

In the picture, the majority of Orlando’s apparent targets are hybrid player who can run at more than one position. And if they aren’t a hybrid player, they’re guys who can space the floor at the four spot.

At its simplest definition, “spread bias” is the idea of killing multiple birds with one stone. That’s why many of Orlando’s apparent targets within that category can be considered playmakers at the forward spot, who can also shoot and rebound: Jon Leuer, Marreese Speights, Kyle Anderson, and Chandler Parsons.

It’s a smart idea. Teams thrive off of versatility, specifically on defense, and can give a team like the Magic more options to put around their big men.
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Hopefully, the other side of the whiteboard is dedicated to finding a long-term solution at the point guard.

He got the ball as clear as a whistle.

Well Im sure that would be easier to explain to Giselle if that were true Peter. King’s twitter feed is a must-follow in the same way that lemmings use the term but Ive created a new way to enjoy Peters musings. Im introducing @TheMMBM which is a cool new twitter account that will be funny for like a day. The purpose is just basicly to imagine Peter King dropping loads while hes sending these thoughts out to the masses.

Also in his MMQB column Peter gave his coveted prestigous “Tweet of the Week” award to some stupid account that stole my RG3-7 joke a hour and a halve after I made it so technicaly that award should be mine not that I care enough to write about it in my column or anything.

Im giving him the Newsboy Lunchpail Fella Award because when you have a talented backup QB and a struggling starting QB/Gadget Player your going to be selling alot a papers when the teams 3-7.
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The manager turned the video off. “I just don’t see it. He got the ball as clear as a whistle. This is a witch hunt, that’s what you media people do, you’re going to ruin this boy’s reputation because of an unfortunate situation.”
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A reporter then asked about a previous incident with the player, where he was booked for elbowing and subsequently breaking a defender’s nose. The manager responded that it was an accident, “these things happen all the time.”

Another reporter asked of the time that the same player was sent off for stamping on an opponent’s leg, and what the manager made of the time before that when he was carded for a bad tackle that forced a promising young player to miss an entire year of football, too. Or even the numerous times that he wasn’t booked but was involved in spats with other players after delivering a bad challenge.