Blandino, whose NFL departure was announced Friday, is expected to segue into broadcasting. Green believes the vacancy will be filled fairly quickly.

Greg Bird Mens Jersey Green also knows what type of replacement he hopes gets a job that carries the responsibility of grading officials: Someone who has the on-field background that Blandino didnt.

Josh Norman Mens Jersey This one’s tricky. North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson are good bets. Texas Tech’s Pat Mahomes is getting to that point. That leaves Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer and California’s Davis Webb to crash the party. There are too many questions about the quality of this class to trust the quantity.

This one’s easy. Three backs taken in Round 1 would mean Florida State’s Dalvin Cook joining Fournette and McCaffrey. Any more than three backs being selected in Round 1 would be shocking, but three is all you need, and three is what you’ll get.

Lookout Landing wants its fans to stay fit, so it’s developed a workout routine to help everyone stay in shape while they’re watching the Mariners. Or to stave off misery. Whichever.

There was a scary moment for umpire Dale Scott last night, who took a foul tip off his mask and left the field on a stretcher. His injuries were limited to a concussion, which seems like a small miracle, all things considered.