Gerald Everetts path to the NFL took detours through one shuttered FBS program and another that didnt exist before 2008. This weekend, he became South Alabamas first-ever draft pick.

The show he put on at the Combine solidified his status as one of the drafts premier blockers, but questions remain about his ability to consistently take on NFL linemen. The major concern is whether his relatively short arms will prevent him from ever moving to the exterior of the line, where hed carry the most value as a pro. Lamp is sound in almost every other aspect — good fundamentals, great workout numbers, and tremendous college production.
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Authentic Youth Johan Franzen Jersey Hell likely move to the interior of the line with the Chargers, which hampers his value. Early-round picks are traditionally saved for blind-side saving tackles, rather than path-clearers like Lamp. Hell have high expectations to live up to at offensive guard.

Theres a chance he pans out on the edge in the NFL as well. Former NFL defensive end Stephen White was quick to praise his dominance against Conference USA opponents — and Alabama — last fall.

Lamps success at left tackle boiled down to his lateral movement. The Hilltoppers kept edge rushers at bay thanks to the kind of strength that negated swats and spin moves and the quickness to shut down speed rushes intended to collapse the pocket from the corner. Here he is showing off the ability to shadow his man in a 2015 game against Indiana.