Russell Westbrook and the Thunder were bounced in five games by James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Man, that’s a loaded sentence.

Everything about the season of Russ and Harden was condensed into those five games. The Rockets were clearly superior and had far more depth. Harden was excellent for the most part, but other Rockets had moments of glory. OKC was thin and too dependent on Russ, who may have tried to do too much.

We get into all that on this week’s Drive & Kick, along with Warriors talk, the carnage that is the Clips-Jazz series, and the Cavs’ inevitability.

For example, you tell a new partner where you need to be, but he does not manage to get there with his feet…

I was suffering all this season, because I couldn’t find perfect chemistry with other partners. I played with Drouin once and it was good, but the coaches didn’t put us together again. Some guys have stayed too long on the team. They’ve got money and stopped working. They knew there was no competition for their positions, and the organization was not going to take someone else. They did not play really well this season. You can see it in their stats. When we played together and I made a pass, they were not expecting it. That’s why this season was hard for me despite good stats.

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No one wants to lose their friend. We’ve become closer after all these years. I got upset at first. But this is hockey, it happens. You need to accept it. But then I was happy for him. He wanted to go, because he wanted to play more and he didn’t have a chance at Tampa. I’m happy for my friend, because he got a chance at Montreal. We are still in contact.