With a potential class-action lawsuit by NFL cheerleaders brewing, players union executive director DeMaurice Smith called out the league for not ensuring the women were treated properly.

“I think the league should be better than that,” Smith said Thursday during the annual NFL Players Association news conference, via ESPN.com. “I think it requires better leadership and I think it requires a better decision by a group of people that everyone in this business can be paid fairly, and we’ll jump into any fight where we think people aren’t.”

According to the lawsuit, league executives and team owners are accused of conspiring the ensure cheerleaders’ wages were kept to a minimum.

Smith said he hasn’t spoken to the group of women who filed the class-action suit, but he remembers the lawsuits filed against individual teams over sex discrimination and minimal wages.

Curling is often the butt of jokes curtailing the less-attractive sports in the Winter Olympics opposed to the Summer Games, but sometimes people find hobbies in the most unlikely of places.

Davis would like to help expand the sport of curling to more African Americans, who he feels may not know a lot about it right now.

“Right now, I feel like a lot of African Americans don’t really know too much about the game of curling,” Davis told The Undefeated. “A lot of times I find that, when people don’t know about something, they kind of shy away from it. If we can continue to introduce the sport of curling to more African Americans, African Americans can then say, ‘Hey, here’s another option for me, maybe I should take this up, maybe I should do this.”texans_130