Steelers outside linebacker Bud Dupree was indeed fined for his nasty hit on Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore last week, reported.

According to Dupree, he hasn’t seenthe dollar amount yet, but he plans to appeal the fine.

ESPN also reported that the fine is$18,231, standard for a first-time roughing the quarterbackcall.
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Moore was hit by the crown of Dupree’s helmet in the chin area, causing his head to snap to the side. He leftthe field after a few minutesbut missed onlyone play as a result of the hit.

Moore returnedto the game, but the Dolphins eventually lost, eliminating Miami and sending Pittsburgh to the AFC divisional round.

Moore said after the game he felt like hedidn’t sustain a concussion, but the NFL andNFLPA are investigatingwhether the league’sconcussion protocol was followed.

A month later, the Generals were voted the AFA’s national champions of minor league football; Jamie King became the Minor League Coach of the Year. But the moment he had looked for all his life happened just moments after that final game. Frank King, who along with Jamie’s mother had watched the game from inside their car, was presented the game ball.
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Frank, then in failing health, accepted it from Mark Moseley, thanking the team and promising the ball would stay with him always.
It had, for all intents and purposes, done everything I’d always hoped to in one gesture, Jamie said. That’s why we called it ‘A Game Ball for Frank.’ It definitely for me was the one thing I did that was right. It brought it full circle.