Remember when these two teams met back in 2015, the MVP was not Curry or Thompson. It was Andre Iguodala, and while it’s unlikely that he will repeat that feat, he will be under the same level of pressure that he was in that series. He will draw the assignment of holding off James for large chunks of each game, and he is one of the few in the league that has the combination of strength, quickness and smarts to do a credible job on that front.
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But not all of the players in the NBA Finals were viewed as top prospects coming out of high school, or even college. James, Irving, Love and Durant were ranked as top-three players in their respective recruiting classes and have lived up to, if not surpassed, the hype they received as high schoolers. However, others have taken major steps in their development since high school and college, to varying degrees, such as Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, who have become a two-time MVP and an NBA All-Star, respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of how the players in the finals were ranked as high school recruits and how their draft stocks were valued entering their respective NBA Drafts. Some players’ information may not be available if they were international prospects or played high school/college basketball before comprehensive scouting reports existed online.

After grabbing Barr with the ninth overall pick, the Vikings moved back into the first round to get their franchise quarterback. Bridgewater mostly lived up to his billing as an efficient, if limited, passer, leading the Vikings to a division title in 2015. Hopes were high entering his third season.

Game Mens Rashard Robinson Jersey Then tragedy struck. During last year’s training camp, Bridgewater suffered a devastating knee injury that wiped out his entire 2016 season. There are doubts that he’ll even be ready to return this year, a fact the Vikings tacitly admitted by trading a first-round pick for Sam Bradford last September. Who knows what kind of player Bridgewater will be when (or if) he comes back.