NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will attend Sunday’s game between the Texans and Jaguars, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston recently with massive flooding and wind damage. The Texans will play at home in NRG Stadium this weekend, and Goodell will be there.

Goodell will join Texans owner Bob McNair as a guest in his suite.

Donald, who is in the fourth year of his rookie contract, is set to earn around $1.8 million this season. The Rams also picked up his fifth-year option next season, paying him roughly $6.9 million.

However, Donald would like a long-term contract to reflect his consistent dominance. Donald has 163 tackles and 28 sacks through his first three NFL seasons, which is why he’s considered among the best interior linemen in the league.

Neither side has seemed ready to budge this offseason, but now that Donald’s holdout has leaked into the regular season, one side may have to give in a bit.

“Number one, you don’t have to pay as much,” Savage said. “Ownership may be on the hook with a general manager they just got rid of so they’ll decide to stay with an in-house, cheaper option.

“The other thing is that they feel like they may know that person a little better being around him. A lot of times when you get rid of a GM, ownership may feel they want to be more involved next time around. That’s a little easier with a guy who’s promoted because they’re just excited about getting an opportunity, whereas a general manager from the outside may have their own idea about how to do things and not want as much involvement from ownership.”6