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Nobody wanted to watch the Jaguars-Titans game last year, but it was cool to see 11 containers of dijon mustard go up against 11 smurfs at once.

The Texans and Bengals don’t have the most flashy uniforms for Thursday’s game. However, at the very least, people with red/green colorblindness won’t have trouble viewing these.

Marshall’s contribution in Week 1: four targets, one catch. His contribution in Week 2: five targets, one catch, and a brutal drop that for all intents and purposes ended the game:

Ra’Shede Hageman Youth Jersey Down 17-10, that third-down drop was the Giants’ best chance at getting into scoring position and making it a game again. Instead, they had to punt, gave up a punt return touchdown, and that’s all she wrote.

The Giants do have some promising weapons in Shepard and rookie tight end Evan Engram, who led the team with 49 yards on four catches. Beckham had a quiet night (four catches, 36 yards), but that was probably expected after he missed almost a month of practice with a sprained ankle.

At 33 years old, Marshall simply doesn’t have much left in the tank. The Giants thought they could have a killer one-two punch with Beckham and Marshall, but Marshall has been more of a liability than an asset.

In Week 2, it was obvious that our run game was not as effective. The Titans did a great job stuffing the middle and forcing stretch run plays. With the run going to the outside, the Titans cornerbacks did a great job using the sideline as their 12th man.


Despite the Titans doing well against the run, Leonard still showed that he can break tackles and gain positive yardage for the first down. His first two games were very promising and I am confident that Fournette isn’t going to just be the best runner on this team, but possibly the best runner in the entire NFL.