Some players and coaches marveled at how Kelly has handled everything

At his Wednesday news conference, the normally guarded Kelly opened up about his father, noting his sense of humor and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

¡°He lived a vibrant and long life, 87 years,” Kelly said. “He touched a lot of people in his life, and it was evident to us yesterday when we had the funeral how many people came and expressed their condolences and reached out. He had a huge impact in his life. I think it¡¯s a difficult time; I think we all feel for my mom more than anything else. But it¡¯s an opportunity to celebrate the times that we had with him, and he was just a great man.¡±

When he was done answering questions, Kelly walked on to the field, where a handful of Niners stopped him and offered hugs before practice began.

Twelve poor games doesn’t mean the player is a complete bust, though. There’s still time to bounce back from rough starts. Those who receive big money have the remainder of their contract to live up to expectations, as long as the team that signed them doesn’t release them.
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Fans complain if their teams aren’t aggressive in free agency, but teams can’t build only through free agency. They have to build through the draft and supplement their roster with free-agent signings. Sure, the 8-4 New York Giants deserve credit for spending more than $200 million in free-agent money over the offseason and improving their defense. But not all of their issues are fixed. The New York Jets invested heavily last year in free agency and came out with 10 wins, but now they are sitting near the bottom of the league at 3-9.

Here’s my ranking of the most disappointing free-agent deals from the 2016 offseason, taking into account the value of the deals they signed:

Authentic JJ Redick Jersey The Texans signed Osweiler to a four-year, $72 million deal this offseason, hoping to bring consistency at the quarterback position. Osweiler has been consistent — consistently below average.

It’s a much bigger game for the Giants, who lost handily to the Steelers last week

“Matthew, Thank you for the opportunity to give, and get. I went to tweet this to you and discovered I’d been blocked. I couldn’t understand why. It bothered me a little, but overall, just made me wonder why. Maybe I said something a while back I don’t remember. … Your writing made me think. The only “mean” tweets I send have been political (not a fan of who won the election). Your line about putting negativity into the universe hit home. Despite my feelings about this, it does make me re-think the words I choose [to] tweet. Putting negativity in the universe …
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Kids Ronnie Lott Jersey “I am not blocked on twitter. In fact it was your tweet to pick up Tim Hightower (instead of CJ Spiller) when I lost Mark Ingram that [led] to me winning a fantasy championship last year by the score of 100.48-98.26. I am forever grateful to you. I just wanted to be the one (of many) to tell you that I fully support your blocking rules on social media. There is just no reason for people to go out of their way to send mean-spirited tweets.

“To take it one step further. If you could mention it to parents everywhere that when it comes to school and youth sports the same rules apply. There is no place for bullying. I do a lot of (volunteer) youth coaching. It is quickly turning into my most enjoyable hobby, but unfortunately it is alarming when you see kids getting bullied and when you address it to the parents they don’t seem to care or simply don’t get it. Then you quickly realize where the kids are learning it from. Thanks for your positive message and keep up the fantastic work. You are a company man after all. -Patrick”

A loss to the Broncos would open up things for the West — before accounting for any other games, it would drop the Patriots’ chances of claiming the No. 1 seed down to 35 percent. It also would give the Broncos an 85 percent chance of making the playoffs, while they’re only a 50-50 shot with a loss. Losing to their perennial rivals from the East also would essentially eliminate the Broncos from contending for the AFC West title; even if they qualified for the playoffs, it probably would be as the sixth seed, meaning their playoff path probably would travel through New England in January.

The 49ers and the Cowboys were the only NFL teams this season that didn’t reach 30 points in any game

It was believed that the team would either release him or trade Kaepernick this offseason. However, now that Kelly is at the helm, there is speculation that they could keep Authentic Womens Nicolas Meloche Jersey the 28-year-old dual-threat signal caller and hope that Kelly’s offense represents a better fit for Kaepernick’s skill set. Blaine Gabbert performed adequately as his replacement, but his ceiling is thought to be much lower than Kaepernick’s.

The hiring of the offensive-minded Kelly appears to be a good fit for a 49ers offense that ranked last or next-to-last in nearly every major statistical category in 2015. Their 238 points scored were the fewest by any team since the 2012 Chiefs. The 49ers and the Cowboys were the only NFL teams this season that didn’t reach 30 points in any game.

Kelly was a surprise casualty Elite Austin Romine Jersey of the Eagles just after a Week 16 game against Washington. Kelly left his job at Oregon to join the Eagles in 2013, and many felt that he would get more than three seasons to turn the team around.

However, Kelly hasn’t seemed like a favorite of the players. Furthermore, given his control over personnel, many of the team’s failings in recent seasons can be attributed to him. He got rid of players like DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles, bringing in players like DeMarco Murray, Kiko Alonso and Sam Bradford, who have not found much success.

In San Francisco, Kelly will not have that same kind of control over personnel, per NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport. General manager Trent Baalke will maintain his power over the roster, while Kelly will stick to coaching.

The big question looming over the team — and one that is front and center now for Kelly — is what to do with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The fifth-year player was benched last November following a string of underwhelming performances, and ultimately ended up on the season-ending injured reserve list with a non-throwing shoulder injury, which required surgery.

It’s time to put The Boss in the Hall of Fame

When George Steinbrenner lorded over the Yankees, a local businessman would often show up at Yankee Stadium as the guest of The Boss, to sit in the owner¡¯s box, take in a ballgame and chat. It made sense that long before Donald Trump ran for office, he and Steinbrenner were friends. Because back in the ¡®70s and ¡®80s, it was as if Steinbrenner created the mold through which Trump¡¯s national image would flourish two decades later: a pushy, attention-starved millionaire who operated temperamentally and lived on the cover of the New York tabloids — Steinbrenner

Authentic Kids Leodis McKelvin Jersey Before the politics — just take the politics out of it, please — Steinbrenner was Trump before Trump became Trump. Decades before the first episode of The Apprentice, Steinbrenner made famous the phrase ¡°You¡¯re fired¡± in a national beer campaign, guest-hosting “Saturday Night Live,” posing on horseback as King George for the cover of Sports Illustrated, making the rounds on late-night talk shows. Steinbrenner¡¯s personality was so ingrained in popular culture that Jerry Seinfeld made Steinbrenner a recurring character in arguably most famous sitcom in television history.

From big market teams spending less to notable free agents having trouble finding a home, the new deal will have an immediate impact this offseason.
All metrics “get” the value of the strikeout and the walk, and the role played by park effects. What they are missing is a precise measurement of pitchers’ ability to manage contact.

Cris Carter Elite Jersey Frequency is a key; for most pitchers, the frequency of most BIP types allowed correlates well from year to year. Starting pitchers’ popup, fly ball and grounder rates allowed tend to stay about the same; not so line-drive rates, which are relatively volatile.

This is where a couple of my metrics come in. Adjusted contact score expresses a pitcher’s contact management performance based on the exit speed and launch angle of each ball put in play, on a scale where 100 equals average. Then, you add back the K’s and walks to get each pitcher’s “Tru” ERA, which can then be compared with his ERA and FIP.

The extraordinary measures of Giannis Antetokounmpo

Early in the 2012-13 season, 18-year-old Giannis Antetokounmpo landed on the radar of NBA scouts, shrouded in mystery. He didn’t attend the combine or team workouts, so he had never been extensively measured. He had played mostly in Greece’s youth system and second-tier pro league, so no one could agree on how he’d best be used in the NBA. There was only one consensus: His body was among the best scouts had ever seen.

The Bucks drafted Antetokounmpo 15th overall that year, feeling he combined big-man length with the agility of an elite guard-. Their instincts were quickly proved right: Thanks to his unique biomechanical and physiological qualities, he is one of just three players in the past decade to average 15 points, 7 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1 block per game in his age-21 season.

To understand how Antetokounmpo’s form gives way to function, we recently spent a day measuring the 6-foot-11 forward, then asked Marcus Elliott, M.D., the founder of P3 Applied Sports Science, a training center that specializes in advanced athlete assessment, to help break him down. Welcome to our tour of the NBA’s ideal body.
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Authentic Kids Michael Jordan Jersey WINGSPAN: Basketball is a game of angles; a defender isn’t so much guarding his man as he is reducing the size of his angle to drive to the basket or pass to teammates. That’s where wingspan factors in for Antetokounmpo, whose outstretched arms measure 7-foot-3, 4 inches more than his height. “If you have long arms, it allows you to get places faster, without having to move your feet or your center of mass,” Elliott says. Antetokounmpo ranks in the top 10 in rebound rate among small forwards. The leader? Quincy Acy, whose wingspan is 9 inches longer than his height.

LATERAL MOVEMENT: “To be a great lateral mover in the NBA, you’ve got to have great hips,” Elliott says. “That means high force, very stable and flexible.” That can be challenging for an NBA big man, who can rarely get his hips low enough to create the lateral force to move like a wing player. But Antetokounmpo isn’t a typical big man. He displays great hip extension and high abduction and adduction velocities, which means he’s able to handle lateral motion (say, sliding side to side while defending a ball handler) faster than other athletes his size.

HEIGHT: “When we first drafted Giannis, we measured him at 6-foot-8?,” Bucks GM John Hammond says. But at midseason, the Bucks’ strength and conditioning coach walked into Hammond’s office. “He told me, ‘The kid is still growing and I don’t think he’s done.'” By season’s end, he was 6-11. Even more remarkable is that the basketball gods gifted Antetokounmpo those extra 2? inches of height without exacting any payment. The 6-11 Giannis is every bit as stable and agile as the shorter version. If he remains at the small forward position, he’ll do so as the tallest wing in the league.

The Vikings could also try to restructure Peterson’s contract

Minnesota went 6–9 last season without Peterson, with Matt Asiata leading the team in rushing with 570 yards. The Vikings do have a running back-filled draft coming in April, with Melvin Gordon, Ameer Abdullah, Todd Gurley and other available. Still, it is highly unlikely any of them will play like Peterson now or in the future.

The Vikings could also try to restructure Peterson’s contract. If Minnesota Steve Largent Authentic Womens Jersey lets Peterson walk, he will not find a three-year deal worth $45 million, the remainder of his current deal. Peterson also has incentive to restructure, giving him some more guaranteed money. Currently, Peterson only has $2 million guaranteed remaining to be paid out.

If general manager Rick Spielman does decide to cut bait with Peterson, the Vikings would have approximately $31.1 million in cap space, according to Over The Cap. With no expensive in-house players about to become free agents, Minnesota would be in a position to improve some weaknesses, including its receivers, offensive line and corners.

With hurt feelings involved, the situation becomes increasingly murky. When Peterson was last healthy, he finished with 1,266 rushing yards in 14 games in the 2013 season. In 2012, he earned MVP honors with a monstrous 2,097 yards and a 6.0 yards per carry.

According to Schefter, another official (he calls him League Official 2) noticed that balls were missing and tried to replace them during the game. The soon-to-be fired official (League Official 1) noticed, and tried to put the original balls back in play. Both officials allegedly handed unapproved footballs to McNally to be put in play.

Baalke praised the coaching staff’s effort, standard procedure. However, immediately after that Baalke was asked why the team opted to replace the coaching staff given his praise.

The evidence presented to police reportedly includes a cell phone video that Sapp took of the Steven Hauschka Authentic Womens Jersey 23-year-old performing the initial sex act.

The 23-year-old is reportedly facing a prostitution charge, while the 34-year-old was cited for failing to register as an escort.

The arrest, which was first reported by TMZ, occurred in Phoenix where the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders defensive tackle was on location covering Super Bowl XLIX.

Baltimore needs to get more from its offense down the stretch

Baltimore needs to get more from its offense down the stretch. The Ravens are averaging 18.2 points per game (26th) and rank 30th in efficiency — ahead of only the Los Angeles Rams and Houston Texans.

Their opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals, lost Emmanuel Ogbah Womens Jersey wide receiver A.J. Green and running back Giovani Bernard to injuries last week. When targeting Green, Andy Dalton has averaged 10.15 yards per attempt with four touchdowns and no interceptions.

When targeting all other players, Dalton is averaging 7.36 YPA with seven touchdowns and six interceptions. With a loss Sunday, the Bengals would guarantee themselves fewer than nine wins for the first time since 2010.

The Ravens are four-point favorites at home.

Seven teams in the NFL had seven or more wins entering Week 12. Three of them — the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs — are in the AFC West.

Trevor Siemian could use some help from a struggling Broncos running game.

A more productive running game would help quarterback Trevor Siemian. Since Gary Barnidge Womens Jersey suffering a shoulder injury in Week 4, he is completing 56.3 percent of his passes (31st) and averaging 6.34 yards per attempt (30th).

As you can see below, Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh — a former NFL player and coach — has nearly triple the number of high-level 2017 prospects that Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer has. (Yes, Ohio State fans, we know many of your best players aren’t draft-eligible yet, and you lost a truckload of talent to the pros last year.)

Michigan junior safety Jabrill Peppers is the highest-ranked prospect in this game (No. 4). Ohio State’s top prospect, according to McShay, is cornerback Marshon Lattimore (No. 8).

Cam Newton statistically gets better as he gets into holiday spirit

Warning to opponents of the Carolina Panthers: Quarterback Cam Newton is in the holiday spirit.

Newton loves the festive mood that Al Davis Authentic Jersey begins at Thanksgiving and runs through the end of the year. Even though he’s a pescetarian, he loves the anticipation of what he’s going to eat over the holidays.

It starts with Yams — heavy with marshmallows.

That makes him smile.

The reigning NFL MVP apparently loves this time of the year Aldon Smith Authentic Jersey on the field, as well. He’s loves eating up opponents in the same way he enjoys gobbling up foods.

Recent history says those deals won’t pan out for the teams. Look at the largest running back contracts handed out last season: Toby Gerhart (three years, $10.5 million), Donald Brown (three years, $10.5 million), Rashad Jennings (four years, $10 million), Chris Johnson (two years, $8 million) and Maurice Jones-Drew (three years, $7.5 million).

Besides Murray, C.J. Spiller and Justin Forsett are still available, and both can probably expect deals on par with last year’s top running back contracts.

Prices for running backs aren’t what they used to be. However, even with a bumper crop of backs available in this year’s draft, teams are still willing to spend big on the position, and they’re willing to pay a premium based on the name.

Roethlisberger is the only quarterback this season to have a game with three touchdown passes on throws of that length. He has two of them. He leads the NFL with 25 completions and 11 touchdowns on 20-plus-yard throws.

Brown has 10 games with multiple touchdown receptions in the past three seasons, the most in the NFL. Only two other players have more than five in that span: Odell Becham Jr. with eight and Antonio Gates with six.

The NBA is a good point of comparison

The NBA is a good point of comparison. Since Christmas Day basketball became a national-TV fixture in 1983, the typical NBA game on the holiday has featured an average Elo of 1569, about 50 Elo points higher than the NFL’s standard Thanksgiving fare.3 Some of that owes to basketball’s built-in advantage as a sport of superstars and more dominant great teams than can be built in the NFL. (The best teams are more Dante Fowler Jr Authentic Jersey reliably great in the NBA than in the NFL.) But even if we account for this by normalizing each sport’s Elo ratings to a common scale, the NBA’s average Christmas-game participants are still about a half-standard deviation better than their Thanksgiving NFL counterparts.

It sold out in 15 minutes.

“México is very divided,” Nahima Choura, a well-known Mexican sports broadcaster for Televisa Deportes, said in Spanish. “You have half the country that loves and adores soccer, and half the country that loves and adores American football. We’ve had very important events, like the World Baseball Classic, Formula One. But the one that has stirred the most emotion, the most curiosity, is this one, from the NFL.”

“People think we’re all just soccer fans,” Eduardo Corrales, a 21-year-old Patriots fan, said in Spanish. “I think this is an opportunity for people in North America to realize that here there are a lot of fans, a lot of people, that would like to see more regular-season Davon House Authentic Jersey NFL games. This is a good opportunity for American football to keep coming, to keep growing. The Mexicans are welcoming them with great pleasure.”

One need not look any further than the jerseys on their backs.

“Doing this show, it’s helped me,” Johnson said in a pretaped interview before the freestyle dance. “I’m actually looking forward to finding that next challenge, finding the next thing that I’m uncomfortable with.”

This was really the first part of Johnson’s second act, a post-football life where he could theoretically do anything. He could go back and finish his education at Georgia Tech. He could go into business. He could work on building his foundation. Or he could find something, as he said, that makes him uncomfortable and go for it.

However, both Mexican fans and journalists watching the contest expressed their concern with how the laser could affect the NFL and other leagues from coming back to the country. Prior to the game, NFL Mexico director Arturo Olivé was clear about things needing to happen flawlessly in order to maintain the attraction. “Everything needs to go off perfectly. The teams need to leave here being very happy about what happened in Mexico,” he said, according to El País.

This was the first NFL regular-season game played in Mexico since the Arizona Cardinals faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in 2005.

The Ravens, who lead the AFC North, play Sunday at the Dallas Cowboys

“We can’t make excuses,” Brown said. “Every guy out there could be a reason we win.”

At least there’s Cleveland, which has given Jack Johnson Authentic Jersey up 560 receiving yards and four touchdowns to Brown in the last four head-to-head matchups.

If Brown sees the end zone for the eighth time this year, is the famous twerk retired?

“You never know,” said Brown, finally starting to perk up. “Stay tuned.”

“So that’s the big thing … trying to get guys to continue to want to keep grinding and get a win.”

Stanton credited former Lions coach Rod Marinelli for keeping the team together.

“It was one of those things that when it got toward the end, we started to address the monkey in the room,” Stanton said, “but initially it was, ‘OK, like we just got to go out and win a football game.’ We were worried about that next week and stuff. It was a true testament to Rod Marinelli, because he was our head coach at the time, and he stayed the course and was unbelievable and stood out there as a leader should and he stood by us and didn’t make any excuses.

“Exactly what you would expect from a guy like that. At the same time, unfortunately when it came down to it, we just couldn’t win a football game.”

That sounds similar to the way the Browns talk about James Wisniewski Authentic Jersey Hue Jackson. To a man, players feel they are well coached and that Jackson is handling himself well. That being said, Browns tackle Joe Thomas admitted that staying positive gets more difficult with each loss.

Everybody on the field saw Theismann sprawled out on the field and knew he was in trouble. I know I started hollering for the doctors to get to him in a hurry to give him some help. Initially, some of the Redskins thought I was taunting after the sack. That obviously wasn’t the case.