I have, yes. But, I also know that hockey is primarily played indoors. The ice may not be the best during the summer months, however it is doable. The NHL played the World Cup of Hockey in September, so why not the Olympics in August?
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There are little details to be nailed down, of course. Many NHL teams play in multipurpose arenas, so fitting the proper pipes and ice into the arenas built for basketball doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. Scheduling would need to be worked out too to accommodate the best solution for everyone.
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And that’s great to see, and great to be a part of. I hope they’re right. Let’s go win it. Right now, we’re the best basketball school in the country. Our men in the Final Four and our women are in the Final Four. I’d love to find out what it feels like for both of them to win, that’d be pretty awesome.

Have you always been a big basketball fan? Or are you more about supporting the school in everything?

DR: Everything. I do love Gamecock basketball. But I love Gamecock football, Gamebock baseball, Gamecock volleyball. It’s more about supporting the school, but I’m a big basketball fan. Coach Martin and I have been friends ever since he came to the school, and this whole thing has been amazing to be a part of and watch.

I loved the video that hit social media after they won and moved on to the Final Four, where you’re with your son and you’re tearing up. It was very moving.