It’s been a while since we’ve answered your questions, so we spent the latest episode of the Limited Upside podcast emptying our mailbag. Topics include:

Elite Kids Freddie Freeman Jersey I was born in the capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville. A city with a population bigger than 1 million. A city with hospitals, a civil registry and an administration. I was born in a caring, loving and united family. I was not born in the jungle.

I know we live in a fast news world, where rumors and scoops rule, but I think meda should take their responsibility seriously when talking about important maters that can hurt people. I know who I am and were I come from, and so do the people that really know me.

I’m sad that many people will have read a rumor and will have made a false assumption that can last forever, while they maybe will not read what I’m writing now. What’s sure is that, no matter what, nobody can take away from me the pride for my origins and the love that I have basketball.
Youth Marshal Yanda Jersey It’s good that Ibaka responded to these claims, even though he himself recognized that not everyone will see it. This should at least make everyone who does think twice before making a senseless joke.

In the past, there has never been any proof to claims that international players were misleading management about their ages even though others have had similar accusations leveled at them. There’s no reason to believe Ibaka has been either.